The Key to quality Revenue

Work the Right Accounts

Effective sales and marketing starts with the right accounts. Keyplay is the new way to find your ICP, prioritize your market, and track account signals.

Work the Right Accounts

"Our sales and marketing teams had a major problem building & maintaining our ideal account list. Keyplay delivers the solution in a way we never thought was possible."

Joe Kevens -
Joe Kevens
Director of Demand Gen at PartnerStack

"Our reps now trust that they have the highest quality accounts. It's given me confidence that sellers are prioritizing their time, not getting blocked by manual research."

Mike Clapson -
Mike Clapson
VP Sales at Ashby

"Keyplay is a core piece of our ABM strategy. It immediately helped us focus on the best accounts and increase conversion rates."

Ryan Narod -
Ryan Narod
Head of Marketing at Mutiny
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Product Overview

Your Ideal Account List is Finally Possible

Not another generic data provider. Not another ABM over-promise. Quality ingredients, effortless integration, built for modern B2B and customized for you.

Customer Success

Customer Success is Our Priority

Keyplay is more than software. Our team will help build and optimize your ideal account selection process.

Customer Success is Our Priority
Our Story

We’re not tourists. We’re citizens of this market.

Our mission is GTM excellence. We’re building Keyplay software and PeerSignal research for the leaders & practitioners who refuse to settle.

We’re not tourists. We’re citizens of this market.

Find. Score. Track.

Ready for your ideals accounts? We make it easy to get started and won't break your budget.

<span class='highlight'>Find. </span>Score. Track.
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