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Striving for GTM Excellence

Adam Schoenfeld
CEO & Co-Founder at Keyplay | Analyst at PeerSignal.org

We introduced Keyplay in December 2022 after a year of building with design partners. Here's why:

We all know what bad looks like in B2B.

Spray and pray, turn and burn, growth at all costs. Vendor-centric mindset drives buyer-second behavior.

For the last decade, eager SaaS buyers have tolerated mediocre sales & marketing.

We're now seeing a return to rigor. As buyer rigor returns, great products with “good enough” sales & marketing will no longer thrive.

Winning now requires GTM excellence.

GTM excellence is not a "new way" tactic, channel, or motion. It's not a platform that you need to buy. There’s no silver bullet. It's a pursuit.

Our company exists to support your pursuit of GTM excellence.

PeerSignal was our first step.

18,000+ sales & marketing people from 8,000+ companies now study go-to-market with PeerSignal research and curated market datasets. That includes 72% of Cloud 100, and members from Snowflake, Figma, Slack, Zapier, Qualtrics, Adobe, Salesforce, and Clickup to name a few. This community’s feedback has driven our research.

They also pulled us to build a software product.

Keyplay is our software product.

We're starting with a very specific, very old problem — your ideal account list. We believe it's a foundational problem. We believe it's increasingly important as buyers return to rigor. We believe that a different solution will help you unlock GTM excellence.

We built the product with our pre-launch customers.

Before early access opened in Dec 2022, we quietly iterated with 8 pre-launch customers, starting 10 months ago. Our early adopters include high-growth B2B teams from Ashby, Iterble, Mutiny, PartnerStack, Metadata.io, and more. We didn’t just “launch an app.” Instead we built a solution and then turned it into an app.

We’re backed by high-integrity investors who understand our market

Our $3M seed was led by Mark Sugarman at MHS capital. MHS was an early investor at Outreach and understands our market. Our investors include GTMFund (Max] and Scott), Evening Fund (Kat and Rapha), Ascend.vc (Kirby), Elissa Fink (former Tableau CMO), Aaron Bird (former SVP Marketo), and several other SaaS operators. We chose carefully and we’re grateful to have these people in our corner.

Our small team has a fierce dedication to customer, community, and craft.

Andrew (CTO) and I got the ball rolling. Now we have Lauren as our founding CSM, Katie as founding AE, Chris as Founding Engineer, and we're hiring. As a 3x founder, I've learned that team is the most important ingredient.

We're not tourists selling a quick fix.

Like you, we need to survive the next year AND lay the foundation to thrive in the next decade. We don't know all the answers, but our mission is to discover the new playbook in partnership with our community and customers.

We're here to help people who believe that a return to rigor is right, not just because their CFO is forcing it. They are doing it because they are sick of B2B waste. They are tired of “good enough.” They won’t settle. They want to elevate the craft. They want to strive for excellence.

Does that sound like you?

I hope you'll join us on this journey.

My email is adam@ this domain.

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