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Account Selection for Modern B2B

Effortlessly find, score, and track your ICP with Keyplay.

Account Selection for Modern B2B
Everything that goes into Keyplay
Find Your ICP with AI Lookalikes

Instantly replicate your best accounts with AI-powered Lookalike scoring and discovery. With as few as 3 lookalikes accounts, Keyplay generates a similarity score for every account in your CRM and recommends net new accounts that are most similar to your best customers and prospects.

Prioritize with Custom Scoring

Define your own ICP scoring without code, based on your unique signals. Instead of black box AI, you control the knobs and dials. Our team will help you backtest, iterate, and get it right quickly. We love the process.

Automate Research with Signals

Stop asking SDRs and AEs to waste hours researching each account. Start enriching every account with unique signals for your market. Keyplay is like a sales detective, finding clues that you never thought were possible. Pick from hundreds of pre-built signals or compose your own.

Discover Your Serviceable Market

Stop filling territories with mis-classified, mis-fit accounts. Start surfacing new accounts, tailored for B2B SaaS markets. Keyplay maps your market, recommends accounts, and gives you a complete workflow to approve or disqualify accounts.

Key Ingredients
Org & Hiring Signals by Role

Selling marketing tech? See companies hiring demand gen, growth, or the specific marketer you serve. Selling HR tech? Attach to specific hiring investments. Quickly add a custom tag.

Modern Industry Categories

Traditional industry codes are outdated and inaccurate. Keyplay combines the highest quality ingredients with the latest Generative AI models to deliver modern industry categories that actually work.

Back-End Tech Signals

Defining your ICP often requires multiple “hard to find” back-end tech signals. Now you can score and filter accounts based on back-end technologies like Data Warehouse, Accounting Software, CRMs, Programming Languages, HR Tech, and the custom signals you are missing.

Relevance Signals

What do you look for when you open a company’s website? There are dozens of clues that you know matter. It might be a type of content, business model, or combination of things. We help you collect and compose those clues without code. In PeerSignal we look for PLG — free trial, community, pricing pages, self-service. In your market, we look for your clues.

Recruiting Velocity

Funding is no longer a viable proxy for growth. Instead we look for recruiting activity and measure relative recruiting velocity for all your accounts. Now you can prioritize and segment for growth.

Visual Research

Instead of clicking around hundreds of websites, quickly browse the key pages in context. Some clues are visual. We make it easier to find them.

Custom Signals

We have hundreds of predefined signals, but you might want something super specific. We can compose new signals for you, within 7-10 days of a request. Once you define a new signal, you can use it forever to score and enrich every account.

Common Ingredients

Get accurate employee counts, locations, industries, founding dates, company descriptions, and basic firmographics.

Online Presence

Surface website traffic, social followers, and other common characteristics of growth. Use presence signals to score and enrich any account.

Tech Stack Signals

Identify technologies used from company websites. Use tech signals to score and enrich every account in your CRM or surface new accounts using specific tech.

“I’ve looked at a lot of other vendors – none of them could accurately get the information that we needed to prioritize accounts. Keyplay was unique in their ability to aggregate very specific signals and customize our account scoring around those factors.”

Mike Clapson -
Mike Clapson
VP Sales at Ashby
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