Sticker Shock Avoided

Premium solution without the premium price.

Territory Tracker

For individual AEs or SDRs sick of wasting time on manual research
Coming H2 2023
  • Track 50 accounts for free
  • Basic growth signals
  • Monthly reports
  • Curated datasets
  • Market-based account scoring

One-Time List

For startups who need a quality account list without the manual work
Starting at $900
  • Download a pristine list
  • Detailed industry categories & tags
  • Filter on any dimension or signal
  • Clean data, delivered fresh
  • Complete enrichment fields
  • ABM-ready


For Rev Ops leaders who need complete account intelligence & centralized data
Starting at $10K/yr
  • 5,000 accounts included, scales to any size
  • Hiring, growth, and relevance signals
  • 2 custom signals
  • Continuous enrichment
  • Custom account scoring
  • Recommended accounts
  • CRM integration
  • Onboarding


For scaling GTM teams who need customized data solutions for ABM & Outbound
Contact Us
  • Flexible account limits
  • Advanced persona density signals
  • 10 custom signals
  • Unlimited recommended accounts
  • Full-service account scoring
  • Enrichment API
  • Dedicated customer success manager

What's the deal with “early access?”

We’ve been quietly serving an exceptional group of GTM leaders who demand precision. After 10 months of iterating and building with these design partners, we recently started “early access.” A few things you should know:
1. Not for everyone.
We’re a small & scrappy vendor. We have a fresh take. Great for early adopters who want to help us shape the future. Not great for laggards who have a 100 item RFP (we’ll get there).
2. Space is limited.
We have 2 onboarding slots per month. Chaldini says to sell scarcity. But it’s also a practical thing. We don’t want to compromise customer success for new logo growth. Once we get more reps and sets we’ll remove the constraints.
3. Powerful core. Work in progress.
We have some core capabilities that our customers believe are valuable and unique. That’s our focus. There is a 99% chance that we don’t have all the features, APIs, and integrations you’d want. We are working on those things and prioritizing based on demand. If you want to wait, we get it – check back after we GA launch (probably mid 2023).