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List Builder

For GTM operators who need to jumpstart outbound & LinkedIn Ads with quality accounts.
  • 25 free credits included
  • Buy credits as you go (no subscription)
  • Score accounts with AI lookalikes & signals
  • Access 750+ standard account signals
  • Save & tag accounts
  • HubSpot Integration
  • 1-Way CRM Sync
  • CSV Exports
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For growing companies that need to find their ICP and prioritize accounts in the CRM.
  • Track 50,000 accounts (CRM + new)
  • ICP model
  • Continuously score & enrich all accounts
  • 2-way CRM sync
  • Salesforce integration
  • 1 custom signal
  • Custom enrichment fields (add-on)
  • CSM for onboarding and back-testing


Custom Pricing
For sophisticated B2B companies that need to model their ICP across multiple markets.
  • Scale to any CRM volume
  • Scale to any number of custom signals
  • Multiple ICP models
  • Selective CRM sync
  • Enrichment API
  • Full-service account scoring set-up & validation
  • Dedicated customer success manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have two types of accounts limits. The Growth plan is based on total tracked accounts. This is the number of accounts that Keyplay scores and enriches for you on an ongoing bases. This includes everything in your CRM today + any new accounts that you “save” from Keyplay. The List Builder plan is based on "save" credits. Saved accounts can be exported or synced as many times as you want. You start with 25 free and can add credit packs to expand.

  • Yes! We offer free POCs to help you validate Keyplay beyond the "Free Preview" online. You can connect with our team to explore POC options for your specific needs.

  • Payment options very by plan. Growth and Scale plans can be billed annually or bi-annually, via credit card or invoice. List Builder is a self-serve option where you pay for credits.

  • On the Growth plan, Keyplay will automatically score and enrich all accounts in your CRM. On the Scale plan you can choose between full sync and selective sync for Salesforce. With the selective sync, you can "anoint" a select list of accounts in your CRM for Keyplay to score, enrich, and track. List Builder is 1-way sync (write accounts, no enrichment).

  • Keyplay works best as a companion to Salesforce or HubSpot CRM. We do have CSV exports as well, but at this point, Keyplay is not well suited for customers without a supported CRM.

  • Keyplay securely connects to your CRM using OAuth with minimal scopes. We will only read the account ID and website field. We do not access any PII or contact level data (all data is companies/accounts). Keyplay uses industry best practices to secure our systems and protect your data. We are happy to complete a vendor review to further outline our security practices.

  • A custom signal is a specific attribute about a company that is not included in Keyplay's standard signals or enrichment fields. You could answer a question like: "Does this company's privacy page mention CCPA and GDPR?" Or something like: "Is this company hiring Engineers who will work on computer vision projects?" Signals are generally based on information we can find on company websites, social media profiles, and within job posts. Custom signals can help hone your ICP by finding details about your accounts that otherwise require manual research or custom web scraping. We'd love to brainstorm any ideas you have for unique signals!

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