Premium Quality, Reasonable Prices

Keyplay delivers premium account intelligence without the premium price. Start with a one-time list, access the platform, or customize your solution.

Free Preview

For anyone who needs a quality target account list, instantly.
  • Preview 25 accounts
  • Test drive ICP scoring
  • Filter with 21 accurate industry categories
  • Download 30 account enrichment fields
  • Clean ABM-ready data


For startups who need quality account selection & enrichment.
  • Track 5,000 accounts (CRM + new)
  • Save 1,000 net new accounts per month
  • HubSpot CRM integration
  • Hiring, growth, and relevance signals
  • Continuous enrichment & data refresh
  • Custom account scoring


For growing GTM teams who need integrated account intelligence.
  • Track 50,000 accounts (CRM + new)
  • Unlimited net new accounts
  • Salesforce CRM integration
  • Premium signals & enrichment fields
  • 1 custom signal
  • Onboarding & back-testing


For scaling GTM teams who need customized ABM data solutions.
Custom Pricing
  • Scale to any CRM volume
  • Complete market mapping
  • 10 custom signals
  • Enrichment API
  • Full-service account scoring model
  • Dedicated customer success manager

What's the deal with “early access?”

After a year of iterating and building Keyplay with our design partners in 2022, we are treating 2023 as our “early access” year. We're open for business, onboarding new customers every week, but we still take an early access mindset with every customer engagement. A few things you should know:
1. Not for everyone.
We’re a small & scrappy vendor. We have a fresh take. Great for early adopters. Not great for laggards who have a 100 item RFP.
2. Hands-on approach.
We get into the weeds. No matter how little you are paying, we attempt to treat you like an enterprise customer. Our founding team will be listening and acting based on your priorities.
3. Fast iterations.
We add new signals, expand our integrations, and build capabilities quickly. If you are looking for a static product that rarely changes, please try one of our competitors.