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Keyplay is a small team playing the long game.

Open Roles

Demand Gen / Growth Lead

As the Growth Lead, you'll own pipeline, self-serve revenue, and audience engagement. This role is ideal for a rising star in marketing or GTM who wants to build a growth "machine" from scratch. Learn more and apply here →.

Chief of Staff

As the Chief of Staff, you’ll own special projects, analyze product opportunities, design processes, and unblock other teams. This role is ideal for someone coming out of consulting, product management, business school grads, or startup RevOps roles. Learn more and apply here →.


As an Analyst, you’ll be digging into Keyplay’s market data to surface insights for PeerSignal subscribers and Keyplay customers. Learn more and apply here →.

Don't see a role that suits you? Please email and we'll let you know what we have on our roadmap.

Why Join?

If you are looking for a true early stage environment, this is a rare opportunity to build something from the ground floor. Keyplay was founded by Adam Schoenfeld and Andrew Rothbart in 2022. We’re a 6-person team today, growing patiently and sustainably.

We are are solving an age-old sales & marketing problem: The ideal customer profile (ICP). Everyone knows it’s important, but most companies still struggle to define their ICP, select the right accounts, and track the relevant signals. Keyplay is the new way to find, score, and track your ideal accounts.

We have an amazing group of early customers, a growing base of 3,000+ users, and an audience of 18K+ reading our content on Our customers include fast-growing SaaS companies like Iterable, Mutiny, Ashby, Hackerrank, Gainsight, Secureframe, and User Evidence. You can see some of their positive reviews on G2.

We raised a $3M seed in late 2022, led by Mark Sugarman at MHS capital. Our investors include GTMFund (Max and Scott), Evening Fund (Kat and Rapha), (Kirby), Elissa Fink (former Tableau CMO), Aaron Bird (former SVP Marketo), and several other SaaS operators.

You won’t see a lot of fancy posters or culture decks, but we’re trying to get the basics right and create an environment for all of us to do our best work. In our mind a great environment has a few necessary conditions:

  • People tell the truth and do honest work. Munger said this well: “You want to deliver to the world what you would buy if you were on the other end.”
  • It’s clear that everyone works for the customer. According to Peter Drucker: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”
  • Results matter, but learning & improving in the pursuit matters just as much. Here’s Josh Waitzkin: “The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity.”
  • Everyone cares deeply, but makes space to smile or laugh. Larry King ftw: “What you are doing is nice, and it can be important, and it can have meaning, and it can move people, but it ain't the end of the world.”

Each new team member (that’s you!) will help shape the culture and define our operating principles.

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